Testimonials speak for themselves…

“Thank YOU, Diane. Seriously, it has been life changing. All the tips you gave us and recipes were really helpful. The greatest feeling for me is that I know this is lifelong and I don’t feel like this is a diet or something just for now. It is so joyful to eat clean most of the time. When I have something like pizza I enjoy it guilt free because I know I will get right back on track. The 80/20 rule really works. I must say I have never cooked more in my life but i am shockingly enjoying it. The timing was right and I am liking this next chapter of my life. Again, thank you so much!”

“Thank you Diane 😀😀💐 could not have done it without you. I totally agree with everything Lyndi said … if i eat something bad I don’t feel guilty but just motivates me to eat clean again … yes i reached all my goals and had my boyfriend take my bikini after pictures today … I was impressed as my stomach showed a bit of muscles when it was a blob before … I look more toned and feel stronger… this week Friday is my blood test and I am really curious if I made a change in my high cholesterol … regardless of the outcome I love the changes i learned from you. You are fantastic and a role model yourself. And I like that it is all about healthy and strong and not just skinny … thank you !!!!”

Follow up testimonial by same client…

“Hi Diane, I absolutely loved your 6 week program and the results… got today my blood tested and the ldl cholesterol is down from 130 to 116 … and total is down as well. Now I already got it down with running over the last years … as it used to be over 160 ldl… so great success going even lower…. 😀thanks 😀

“I made the sweet potato black bean soup but made it more chunky like a chilli and it is so tasty and satisfying. But I’m assuming the juice infuses my blood with all the micronutrients I need and I really don’t have any cravings. I feel this has been my easiest path to losing weight. I never thought plant based would be this satisfying…I still can’t believe the numbers on my scale ;-)”

“Omg! I just noticed that the skin on my face is so soft, smooth, and clear! Yahoo! What is going inside is showing on the outside.”

“After the first few days I was concerned that I would not be able to eat based on the plan and still train for my half marathon. After 2 days of fasting I lost 5 pounds and by mid week had another 2 down. I run last week 4 miles and was dragging behind the group … So Diane gave me some ideas to add some more calories … So I followed her advice and run this morning 10 miles and had enough energy left to play 1 hour tennis with my kids. Diane you rock 😀 thank you so much for your advice and expertise … Took my daughter to pluto’s at the mall … I added portabella mushrooms and yes I did give the bread to my daughter … I like that my kids are so open to eat a lot of the healthy food with me. Even got a request to make the green smoothie for my kids tomorrow morning. Very happy right now.”

“This has been an amazing week for me! I started my 3-day fast on Sunday. By Wednesday morning I had lost 6 lbs of inflammation I was feeling so light and energetic as I started the eating light program…Today I weighed in again and am down to 152 lbs from 159. That’s one lb of weight loss since Wednesday. I went for a little trail run this morning and I was flying down the trail! My exuberance is high! Going back to Thursday, during my eye exam, which I have every year, the optometrist, commenting on my amazing optic nerve health, said, “You must eat a lot of vegetables to have such good numbers.” I’m 59 years old, and I have never had that comment before. Proof of improved health! I can tell that my balance, stamina, cognition, and comprehension are better. Gone is my gassy-gut and pot-belly! My clothes are so loose. I tried on the mother of the groom dress just now and it fits! My son is getting married on September 10th and I wanted that dress to be looser and it is. My blues are gone! Thank you Diane Hanes! You are the best coach ever!”